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Film Promotion

Disney: The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

Disney has asked us to launch a big campaign on TikTok and Instagram for their newest movie The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. They have asked us to launch two different campaigns: Branded Content and Pre-rolls.

TikTok, Instagram,Branded Content, Pre-rolls, Vertical Ads, Advertising
Park Promotion

Efteling: TikTok Park Promotion Pilot

As a pilot on TikTok for the Efteling, we're asked to think about a way to get in touch with the users without the feeling that it felt like advertising. The purpose was to initiate young kids to get excited about the park and to attract more visitors.

TikTok, Instagram, Benelux, Youtube, Branded Content, Challenges
Product Launch

LOL Surprise: Overlay Campaign

LOL Surprise launched a big social media overlay campaign for their new product. Besides running this campaign on other social media platforms, they have asked us to start a campaign on TikTok.

TikTok, Instagram, Netherlands, Branded Content, Vertical Ads, Advertising, Overlay Ads
Music Promotion

Warner Music: Ava Max - Sweet or Psycho

For the American pop star Ava max, Warner Music Benelux has asked us to promote her new single 'Sweet But Psycho'. Before the start of the TikTok campaign here single was on #59 in the Dutch charts.

TikTok, Instagram, Netherlands, Branded Content, Vertical Ads, Advertising, Music Launch
Event Promotion

COMM and RIFF: Event promotion for Influencers event

Our partner, Riff - a worldwide player that focuses on marketing campaigns - asked us to build a marketing campaign for a local museum in the Netherlands.

TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, Netherlands, Branded Content, Vertical Ads, Overlay Ads, Event
Product Launch

Hamsta: A licensing company taking over the world with TikTok

Hamsta - a licencing company similar to a Hello Kitty - asked us to launch a campaign in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK.

TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Europa, Branded Content, Pre-rolls, Vertical Ads, Overlay Ads, Challenges

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