We are CN.
A Talent & Influencer Network, Digital Advertising,
and Creative Agency.

We are a multi-platform ecosystem for brands, digital talent, influencers and content creators spreading out their content across major video-sharing platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat Twitch, and Youtube. From our office in Amsterdam, we manage several local Europan networks with a total reach of 100 million Kids, Teens, Tweens & Young Adults.

What do we do?

CN Europe

The multi-platform ecosystem as you never seen before.
We reach millions Kids, Teens, Tweens & Young Adults every day.
One platform with endless possibilities.

Thousands of Influencers

We work with Influencers all over the world from campaigns with one influencer to a thousand influencers in several countries.

TikTok Specialist

CN is the expert in digital influencer marketing on TikTok. 
We specialise in custom-made TikTok campaigns all over the world.

Advertisement with a feeling

Beside our Branded Content campaigns we deliver a wide around of Ads on social media platforms. Ads that don't feel like Ads, but Ads that feel genuine.

We are currently working on our website. Check back soon to look at the result. At the moment you can already check out our Customer Stories or contact us directly :)

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